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Terms of Service

*For yards exceeding 1/2 acre or 21780 square feet, we add additional $6 per visit for the takes extra time to walk such a large area.

*We will assign you a service day based on when we are in your area and you will be able to expect our services each week on that day. However, we can not commit to a specific time as our routes are constantly in fluctuation with client activity and traffic conditions. You will receive an email day before with an estimated time of our arrival.

*We are committed to providing a year-round routine service however in the event of extreme weather that prevents us from a service visit, if we are unable to visit upon another day of the week then we will collect the accrued waste upon your next scheduled service visit. If not please keep in mind that there will be twice as much for us the next time of which we have to account for.

*If we are unable to provide service due to the fault of our own such as illness and are unable to make it up later in the week credit will be given.

*If we make the trip to your location and are unable to service your yard due to situations outside of our control such as a locked gate, or aggressive dog in yard, you will be charged for that visit as we have to consider the travel time is taken and the added waste that will be there upon our return.

*Leaves, Long Grass and Yard Debris can hinder our results as the poop can be camouflaged or covered thus causing us to possibly miss some. Thus in yards where we suffer these challenges, we can not guarantee the thorough cleaning we want to provide.

*We look forward to building long-lasting relationships with each of our clients however we also reserve the right to stop service or refuse service if the conditions of the job become intolerable or put our staff in any jeopardy.

*We will honor major holidays by being closed. Holidays we will be closed on are i.e. Christmas, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Service will still be completed for the week, one to two days before or after.

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