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San Antonio Dog Poop Pick up

Don’t let friends and family step in dog poop at your next backyard gathering. Get away from pet owners worst chores and call Atlas Scooping for dog poop pick up in San Antonio. Atlas Scooping dog poop pick up services will keep your yard tidy and safe so you can spend less time scooping and more time with your four-legged friend!

One Time Scoop

This option offers affordable flat-rate pricing to customers not looking for weekly dog waste removal. This service is added to our route, but if you need it right away contact us and we’ll work with you to best accommodate any request.

Weekly Scoop

We operate Tuesday through Friday. We’ll arrive during your designated service day and get to work!

*The first initial visit is Monday, then your house will be added to our route.

Easy, Convenient & Affordable

Our Poop Pick up Schedule

Atlas Scooping works with you to create a schedule for your dog poop pick up at a time that is most convenient for you and your family. We offer one-time or weekly poop scooping services. A pet waste technician from our company will visit your home and perform a walkthrough to assess your scooping needs. To make sure that every dropping is removed, we will conduct a second walkthrough after our initial consultation. 

When picking up dog poop we use a scooper that’s lined with a bag. Once we’ve collected the waste, we will seal it with a knot and place it in another bag. It can then be placed in your garbage container or taken away, depending on which you prefer. Our technicians wash and disinfect their boots and tools before they leave too!

Sanitary Services for Communities

Community Dog Waste Clean Up Services

Do your neighbors enjoy spending time outside? If yes, most residents also bring their four-legged friends. Although dog owners love their pets, they don’t always appreciate the mess they leave behind. Dog poop is not only unsightly, it can also pose a danger to other animals, their health, and the health of guests. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your residents aren’t inadvertently stepping in dog poop.

Many commercial properties and communities have rules for cleaning up after dogs. However, not all people listen. Instead of spending hours trying to keep an eye on your guests and residents, why don’t you have a dedicated team who cleans up your property every day? Atlas Scooping also offers common area trash removal for paths, parks, and other shared outdoor spaces. We are independently owned and operated by trained technicians who will thoroughly inspect your property and remove all pet waste.

Personalized & Friendly Service
Who We Are

We know that your dog is an extension of your life. Our goal is to make sure owners have more time with their dogs and less time cleaning up after them. We make it easier for dog owners to be able to enjoy their home, family, and yard. Our work helps eliminate the worst aspect of dog ownership.

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