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I (Jacob The main scooper) spent 8 years in the United States Air Force and federal aviation administration as an air traffic controller. That taught me how important time management and attention to detail is to me and others. I grew up with dogs and remember picking up at my dog was a chore I had and my parents would double-check to make sure the lawn was clear of poop. I intend on ensuring your backyard is clear without you having to check on it!


Hi, all! Wow, let me tell you, you are about to emBARK on a marvelous dog poopin scoopin journey with yours truly! I have been scooping poop and petting pooches all my life; I have no plans on stopping! I’d like to think I could get my pro card soon for my amazing scooping skills. I love long walks on the beach, petting dogs, cooking, petting dogs, drawing and playing guitar, and, you guessed it, petting dogs! So what better way to scoop dog poop AND be able to pet your dog!! I get what I want, (PAWsibly petting your dog), you get what you want (a dog poop free backyard), it’s a win-win! I pride myself on being prompt, thorough, consistent, and communicative. Sorry, I have to go! I must answer the CALL OF DOODY! Until next time…

We are family ran and pride ourselves on being consistent, reliable and most of all thorough and treat your yard as if it was our yard.



Having a military veteran background and a family with special needs, our end goal is to create a non-profit that trains and donates service dogs to wounded service veterans. Furthermore, we understand the additional support necessary for those with special needs and we hope to help provide it by training service dogs to accommodate them as well! We get closer to our service aspiration with every dog poop we scoop at SEA Poopin Scoopin.

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